Ride High Equestrian Centre - Horse Riding in Milton Keynes | Ride High Equestrian Centre price list
Price list for the Ride High Equestrian Centre
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Price List

Price List
Lesson TypeUnder 16s Off PeakUnder 16s Peak16 & Over Off Peak16 & Over Peak
30 minute group lesson£20£25
60 minute group lesson£27£30£30£33
45 minute semi-private£35£38£39£42
30 minute private (1-1)£40£48£45£50
Pony Pat & Play30 mins£15
Hacking60 mins £423 hrs approx. £75
Stable Management / Pony Care 60 mins£18 per sessionBlock of 8 £120BHS Certification £20
Pony Experience Day6 hours£90
CelebrationsPrice available on request

Off Peak – Monday – Friday, 9am – 3.30pm
Peak – Monday – Friday, 3.30pm – 9pm and all day Saturday and Sunday


Already ride but new to the Ride High Equestrian Centre? We offer a 25 minute assessment session for £23 during which we discuss your goals and which group and/or instructor will be best.



Our lesson structure


Our focus is on small group sessions and learning at your own pace – you’ll never be just one of the crowd at the Ride High Equestrian Centre. We offer different sessions depending on your experience and what you’d like to get from the sessions. These can be any of the following:


30-minute group lessons – for under 16s who are at the beginner stage of their riding experience, these are small group sessions where you can learn in a social setting.


60-minute group lessons – for under 16s and adults, these sessions range from beginners through to advanced and provide small group riding instruction in a social setting.


45-minute semi-private lesson – never more than 3 riders, these sessions offer a more focused approach and can be set for any level of riding experience.


30-minute private lesson – these one to one sessions are great for working on specific skills to take back to your group lessons, and to develop your skills to move up the lesson stages quicker. If you’re a new adult beginner rider they also help to build confidence and learn the very basics before joining the group lessons. We offer block booking savings on private lessons for adult beginner riders – please ask at reception if you’re interested.